Rates & Payments

*please note

(a) the charges do not not include such works as jingles and movie scores & sound tracks.
(b) the producer might request a short audition before payments are made.
(c) monolio studios is not a marketing & distribution company,we only record independently.

• All payments are non refundable.
• Studio time is charged at $25 per hour.
• Initially for the first dates to be booked, the artist has to pay a minimum of $100 (for the first four hours).
•Studio time does not cover for session musicians and singers’ remunerations. This is negotiated between the artist and the session performer. Studio time is charged from booked time, whether artist has arrived or not.whether the artist is ready or not.
• If there is a need to hire extra equipment ,the artist will meet the costs,in case of load shedding the artist will meet fuel costs for stand by generator.
• The session will be considered finished when all studio activities are finalized,activities include playbacks,dubbing and production discussions.
• Failure to turn up for a session without at least a day s notice attracts a $90 fine.
• Monolio studios retains ownership of the master until all amounts owed to the studio are paid in full.
• All cancellations to be communicated verbally(in person or by phone call),not by sms.


Monolio studios will provide these services:

• Music production
• Engineering
• Editing
• Arranging
• Mixing and mastering.

We will use our experience & expertise in order to produce the most marketable and “Radio-Ready” recording as possible.

There will be additional fees for any additional services not listed above.

• The rate quoted includes services of one of the designated Engineers.
• If the studio suffers any technical failure(s) due to forces of nature or otherwise, we will reschedule the recording session to a suitable date and time for all parties involved.
• Monolio Studios reserves the right to refuse (in sole opinion) to record music for reasons such as:-
-Lyrics considered to be obscene
-Political lyrics
-Below standard music
-Contrasting music taste wherein artist is likely to get better results in a different studio
• An artist is solely responsible for the security of their personal equipment whether in the studio or on the grounds of Monolio Studios.
• Monolio Studios will not be liable for any loss or damage to the artist’s equipment.


•In order to protect the intellectual property of musicians (singers, arrangers and producers) including protection from plagiarism, the artist is required to give full credit on the music album sleeve of all the persons who contributed on the creation of the music(whether it’s a final copy or a promotional copy).

-The credit part of the sleeve must be drafted by the artist and Monolio Studios. The artist is required to show Monolio Studios the final sleeve design for final proof reading before it is printed.


If the above information is missing on the music album sleeve,the artist,not the printers will be held accountable.monolio studio will charge a  fine if the logo is missing on the sleeve & cd surface or if the studio & The in house engineer/producer/music arranger is not given due credit on the album sleeve and cd surface.

*By paying the first payment the artist acknowledges that he/she agrees with the terms and conditions stated above.